Free Mental Health Screening

Research has found that some people find it helpful to complete a clinical self-assessment to help them understand themselves better when they are considering beginning psychotherapy. There are many helpful online assessment tools which are both free and confidential. Needless to say, an accurate clinical diagnosis requires an in depth interview and assessment with a licensed professional, but these online tools can be a useful and interesting start.

If you are interested, just click on any of the links and complete the questionnaire. If your results suggest that you get help to further explore a specific issue, I urge you to contact me or the licensed professional of your choice. offers a number of self-assessments. Click the link and scroll down the page. You will see a number of choices in the menu on the right column. I especially recommend the assessment tool for depression  at

In addition please feel free to try any of the following:

…Alcohol Abuse:

Also, please remember that having a "diagnosis" is not required to begin psychotherapy. Many people come for counseling or psychotherapy for everyday issues that are not related to mental illness.

Helpful Forms

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